Basic Protection...

Spy ware, Anti-Virus

 1) We recommend one of the fine free antivirus programs to keep your system protected:

Remember, however, since these are free anti-virus protection, they are offered with minimal support.  If you feel you will need support, you can purchase these or other programs from vendors.

2) Download and install the free version of MalwareBytes, and keep definitions updated when prompted. NOTE: MalwareBytes is a powerful anti-malware scanner, but it IS NOT resident, meaning it only scans when you run it.  So update and run it periodically.

3) Download and install CCleaner, and keep updated.  CCleaner can keep your computer running faster by eliminating unused files and registry entries, and cleaning out temporary folders. As MalwareBytes, CCleaner is NOT resident, so remember to run it periodically, both the file system Cleaner and the Registry Cleaner.

By the way, in order to improve your Internet browser's (IE, Firefox, Chrome, etc.) performance, the temporary files or cache should be cleaned out periodically. This can be found in the tools or options menu (Ccleaner's file system cleaner will empty this also). Also, it is a good idea to limit the size of the cache to 200MB for performance sake. In IE go to Tools then Internet Options then Settings and move the slider down to 200MB.

Always keep your Windows up to date with all Service Packs and Critical Updates, when they are made available (usually on the 2nd Tuesday of each month).This will keep your system secure against intrusions, and running smoothly.
This can be done from the [All]Programs menu from the Start Button. In Control Panel, under Automatic Updates, you can schedule Updates to be applied automatically, when they are available. Just know that when they are installed, it may trigger an unexpected reboot of your machine.  Another option is to have the update system notify you that Updates are ready to be installed.  This option lets you decide when to install (and reboot if necessary).

We recommend against downloading "cutsie" screen savers, wall papers, games, especially on work or "mission-critical" computers. Many times these can be offered for free because they contain "adware', "spyware" or the like, which offsets the costs of production of the software though devious means.

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