Business Home Page Starter Package
Price List, effective January 1, 2012


  • Listing your company's name and contact information including a brief description of services you provide.
  • Limit this to 750 words and (1) .gif or .jpg image.
  • Includes electronically announcing your web presence to major listings, indexes, and search engines.
  • You must provide us:
    (1) A clean copy of your Company Logo, Photo or disk containing your own graphic file.
    (2) A disk containing the (ASCI) text file or MS Word Document containing all the copy you want on your Web page.
    (3) Add $25 if you can just give us the copy on paper since we will need to retype into the computer.
    (4) Remember to include your Company Address and E-mail address if you have one.
  • Hosting services for (1) year with unlimited accesses cost $120.
  • Additional storage (for text and images) is available for and additional cost/kilobyte per month. 
  • Preparation charges for additional images are $25 for .gif .jpg or images that require scanning. If special image enhancements or custom graphics are requested they would be billed $95 per hour.
  • HTML preparation services, for changes or modifications to your company's web pages, is available at $95/hour.
  • Simple forms processing and E-mail forwarding are also available.
  • Content can be prepared and made available on the World Wide Web usually within (1) week.
  • URL would be: http://www.yourcompanyname.[com/net/org] (whatever is available)

Prices subject to change without notice.

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