Procurement Assistance...

     The fastest and most reliable computers available today are sold online. Most of the major online computer companies provide toll free tech support and fast warranty replacement of parts.
     The current trend of large US companies is to have their in house computer technicians specify, research and order from the appropriate vender the computer and peripherals and software.
     When the components arrive the in house experts configure and customize these computers installing all the necessary software for their company.
     Let the experts at Digistat fulfill this role. The savings you will realize more than covers the cost!

  1. Consultation to determine the unique specifications for the system you are building.

  2. Researching and sourcing of the computer.

  3. Ordering the system using your account or credit card.

  4. Unpacking and configuring the system on your site. Installing your software, optimizing your desktop (if this is replacing another system, we wil reinstall software and documents to insure it will be a functional replacement of your old system), and up to 4 hours of basic system training.

  5. Testing hardware and software to assure it is operating correctly, and assisting you with getting any problems solved.

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