The WORDBENDER is a graphic arts machine that gives artists the ability to modify type styles, pictures, and designs in a matter of minutes. It has the capability of vertical arcing, italicizing, lengthening, condensing, varying perspective effects, or of using any of these in combination. It can also be utilized as a design tool by an artist, which essentially makes its uses unlimited. Since the WORDBENDER is a machine which makes use of photosensitive materials, it is to be used in a light safe environment (red light). The unit is totally self contained and weighs only 45 pounds. It requires a countertop space of 16" deep by 30" wide, and operates from a 110 volt AC outlet.

An old cliché tells us that "necessity is the mother of invention." Such is the case with the WORDBENDER. A graphic artist, overburdened with having to produce the modifications mentioned above with increasing regularity, dreamed of having a self contained machine that would do such work for him. He consulted with patent attorneys as to the originality of such a concept. On their recommendation he discussed the idea with some imaginative engineers. They took the concept and through the steps of research and development, and the building of prototypes, the dream in time became a reality. What once took hours of tedious hand work is now accomplished photomechanical in minutes with the WORDBENDER. Also, the modifications produced by the WORDBENDER are more perceptively correct than what is achievable by hand.

How does the WORDBENDER do all this? A highly directional blade of light exposes photographic film mounted on a movable cam. The film is moved relative to the shape of the particular cam used, over stationary artwork, while the light beam exposes the film. Different modifications are produced depending on 2 things: First, how the artwork is placed over the internal placement graphic, and second, the shape of the cam used. Easy to use formulas are shown in the unit's owners manual which serves as a guide for the WORDBENDER's operation.

Here are a few modifications performed with the WORDBENDER logo:

Word bender samples

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