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Michigan State University Extension provides articles on home repair and maintenance.
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The Environmental Organization Web Directory provides information on environmental organizations throughout the world.

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Garden Reference

Planning Your Garden

Find information about plants by using the Virtual Garden section of the Time Life Electronic Encyclopedia.

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Light: Full sun Partial sun Light shade Deep shade
Soil: Clay Silt Loam Sand
Drainage:  Well drained    Moist
Type: Flowering plant Foliage Bulb
  Flowering shrub Evergreen shrub Groundcover
  Vine Herb Tree
Height: 1 to 6 inches 6 to 12 inches 12 to 18 inches
  18 to 24 inches 2 to 3 feet 5 to 7 feet
  8 to 10 feet
Color: White Pink Red Orange  
  Yellow Blue Violet Variegated  
Blooming season: Early spring Spring
  Summer Fall

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