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Calvin Bergsma is unique in the field of computer graphics consultants in that, though he can talk on a very technical level with software programmers or hardware specialists, his back-ground gives him an immediate camaraderie with graphic artists and management. He is, and always will be, an artist and from experience can address the specific graphics problems artists deal with. He has also started several companies and therefore knows the real world problems managers face in today's fast changing markets.
1977-1980 Cofounder Sonrise Creations Inc. This company designed, printed, fabricated, and marketed linen wall hangings, bookmarks, stickers, greeting cards and tee shirts. By the time the company was finally sold in 1980 it was exporting its products all around the world.

1980 Founded Hot Spots Productions, Hot Spots had two separate divisions the first was graphic design services which did logo design, identity packages, and photography, and the second was a recording studio which did jingles and record albums.

1981-1987 Employed by H. H. Cutler Co. (Production art director) At that time, H. H. Cutler company was the largest privately owned apparel manufacturer in the country. He helped start a screen printing division in order to pull all of the subcontracted screen printing "in house". Within four years, H. H. Cutler became one of the five largest screen printing operations in the country.

1983 WORDBENDER Faced with the need to do numerous special perspective effects for NFL and Baseball athletic designs, Calvin conceived an idea to build a photomechanical device which would quickly do these effects. The result was his invention and patenting of the WORDBENDER . Calvin subcontracted the manufacturing and distribution of this device and sold it until later computer programs beat its price while offering the same effects printed to a laser printer. (see brochure)

1985 Development Director of CAD/CAM (Beta site). In order to cut costs and increase art production, H. H. Cutler put Calvin in charge of developing an art generation and color separation software package that would quickly produce large film output. Working in conjunction with Computer Design Inc. (a local software development company) a successful program was developed and marketed worldwide by Computer Design Inc. and is still in use today.

1987 Founded the Digistat Corporation Though the software was now available to generate vector art, there were major bottle necks in both capturing real world images into the computer and outputting the final separations and images to film. Calvin again conceived new hardware products to circumvent these limitations. Digistat Corporation, which is a hardware / software company, invented and built the COPY/CAD large format CRT film recorder and the Digistat 1024 and 1024 Color input cameras.

1990 Connection 500 Software Digistat developed and brought to market Connection 500 software for Macintosh and PC computers. Connection 500 was co-marketed by Digistat and Canon USA. This program enabled PC and MAC users to use the Canon Color Laser Copier 500 as either a continuous tone 24 bit plain paper printer, or use any of the Canon's input peripherals as a scanner. (see brochure)

1993 RIPIT Software Digistat developed and brought to market RlPlT software. (see brochure)

Managing the Digistat Corp.
which provides computer programming and consulting - offering expertise on:

Microsoft Windows  Systems configuration

Custom Access and Visual Basic programming Network solutions

Web Page Design / Programming Purchase assistance

Desk Top Publishing Image Processing Marketing literature

NIKE General Electric Canon (USA)

Minolta Computer Design Inc. BP America

University of California (Neurology Dept.)

49 years old, married with seven children and four grandchildren.
Family is what gives life real joy and context. I have a great one!

My passion is showing the world that God is real and loves them. My way of doing this is by serving as Pastor at Georgetown Christian Fellowship and teaching Christians how to make an impact on this world through preaching and writing. Hobbies include painting, drawing and graphic design. I also enjoy Singing, playing keyboard synthesizers, guitar, banjo, and fishing.

Calvin has always been a problem solver, having long-standing contacts with a network of computer specialists in a variety of fields. Because of his experience and continued efforts to stay on top of industry trends, he can provide the counsel and assistance that will give you confidence as you make the important decisions facing you and your company.

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