About Us...

Digistat specializes in developing custom applications for business based on industry standard open ended tools.

We also provide solutions to your internet publishing needs. 
Whether you need a tastefully done corporate website, or a fully interactive on-line store, Digistat can help! Our artists and web programmers can assist your company in developing the kind of web presence that truly reflects the quality and professionalism that you want your company to be known for.

Digistat was founded in 1987 by Calvin Bergsma
Calvin Bergsma is unique in the field of computer graphics consultants in that, though he can talk on a very technical level with software programmers or hardware specialists, his back-ground gives him an immediate camaraderie with graphic artists and management. He is, and always will be, an artist and from experience can address the specific graphics problems artists deal with. He has also started several companies and therefore knows the real world problems managers face in today's fast changing markets.

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