Words and Music by Ed Schief


Always smiling on the inside

Iíve got a spring time point of view

The lord is blooming in my spirit

Iíve got a spring time point of view


And itís always forever spring time


Circumstances seem so silly

I know I should praise the Lord instead

Kick my shoes off and let my hair down

Runningí thru the meadows of His Word!




Words and Music by Ed Schief


How many times have you cried in the night.

You felt conviction, though try as you might

You just can't change a thing.


How many times have you heard it been said

He'll change your life cause He rose from the dead. You've asked Him, and not a thing has changed.



If you think you'll change then you've been misled He doesn't change lives, He raises the dead And you'll never change until you die.


In submission to His will nail yourself to the cross

Let all of your old man die and count your life as lost And look what you'll gain.



Words and Music by Calvin Bergsma


Create in me a clean heart, oh my Father

And renew a right spirit within me.

Cast me not away from your presence Holy Father,

But stretch forth your hand of love to me.


Wash me white as wool, make the stains of sin to vanish.

Give me back my joy, give me beauty for my ashes.

You said you would remove them as far as east is from the west. You said you wouldn't reject me for things I've done,

But rather give me the honor due your son.



Many phrases rush my mind and I cannot choose just one

To relieve the need to tell you I'm so grateful for your Son. Who, though he had all heaven, He still was missing one. And he gave His life as ransom, to adopt me as his son.


The gift of your forgiveness hands life to every morning.

A brand new page to start with ‑ refreshment without warning.

It's not our works that give us peace, we could not earn our way

Sure it's us that acquired His righteousness,

but it's Jesus blood that paid.


Words and Music by Paul and Calvin Bergsma


Your Ways seem strange to the modern man

Whose Thoughts and Ambitions run with reason

From time to tome he comes upon

Something he canít explain

But he puts it from his mind till another season.


And Your love seems strange to the average man

What kind of man would give his life for a friend

And Your mercy far to high I can not comprehend

It is my pride that will not waver or bend



But Your Love reached down into my heart

And pulled down the walls that I had built.

The scales fell from my eyes I now can see

Your Loving kindness overshadows me.


Come build a throne inside of me.

I'll be the clay, form as you please.

I will yield even my breath that I may live.

Taste of your death so I can live.

All your ways I do not understand

But I feel so safe when I hold your hand.



Words and Music by Paul Bergsma


The gray sky reflects your expression.

'Cause the wind and the snow are cold today.

But when that wind is changin' its direction

You can hope there will be a brighter day.



There's coming a brand new day,

A brand new day full of livin'.


Livin' in a world of darkness, bound by changeless time.

Loneliness you can't escape you know.

Every new direction just turns you around,

The way you feel you can't tell up from down


'Cause you're spinnin' around in circles

to a rhythm without rhyme.

I thought my life would be like yesterday

But then in loving kindness,

my Lord you're reaching out to me

Jesus I lost my life in you.

You brought me a brand new day.




Words and Music by Ed Schief


Anticipation grows as we await the day that evil fears

Knowing that we'll see redemption drawing close,

salvation near. Listen to the earth, I almost hear her say,

If she had her way it would be today.

She's looking for the Son.


The grass, the trees, the sky; they all agree with me That your Love is Life.

Waiting for the day when they will see us Lord

Taken as your wife.

Lord, if it was up to them it would be today

If they had their say they would bid you come.

They're looking for the Son.


And I can hear

Hear nature say

Make it today

Come take your Bride


And when the rain falls down

I almost hear it say that you're overdue.

But I know that the Father's Word is good

And His timing sure and true.

Good thing that the earth and I don't set the date, 'Cause if we did we wouldn't wait.

We're looking for the Son.



Words and Music by Paul Bergsma


My joy has always been your love.

My strength has always been your joy.

Deep inside my heart you know what I'm thinkin' of,

And what my life is for.

Your Loving kindness will always be my song of praise, For your Love is better than my life.

And your compassion to me is gentle in every way.

Your Mercy will never pass from me.

Every morning, that rising sun tells Your Faithfulness. With each new day, brings a promise of new life. Season to season the colors changin' right on time

So Your Love to me will always shine.



Words and Music by Calvin Bergsma


I humble myself before the Lord for He alone is worthy. Giving all thanks unto Him, who doeth all things well.

From the time my feet hit the floor in the morning

Till the time they leave at night,

I'll say that God is good and does everything right.


If I know my place, a place for me will always be.

Seated in the heavenlies with Jesus next to me.

Please don't be a fool and think that you're so wise

If you look inside objectively it's in your pride the problem lies.


I humble myself before the Lord for He alone is worthy Castin' all my cares on Him, who cares so much for me From the time my feet hit the floor in the morning

Till the time they leave at night.

I'll say that God is good and does everything right.



Words and Music by Ralf Patterson


Sometimes I tire as I run this race

Pressin' ahead for the prize.

But when I trip and fall right on my face

You know it's really hard to rise

But You pick me up, encourage me,

And then You set me right on my Way.

When I get discouraged,

'bout to throw in the towel,

Because my attitude is wrong.

I keep my eyes on You

and You give me the strength

To keep runnin' when the day gets long.



Music by Ed Schief



Words and Music by Calvin Bergsma


I've been hopin' and I've been prayin' too

For the ray of sonlight

that will end this age to shine through

Aah .....

I've been hopin' and I've been prayin' so,

For Jesus coming dressed in clouds like snow.

My heart gets so excited, my imagination runs wild, When I think that He'll be calling me,

Calling me Home his child.

And Jesus, we want you

To come and take us home

Jesus, we need you, never leave us alone . . .


I've been hopin' and I've been prayin' too

For the ray of sonlight

that will end this age to shine through

I've been hopin' and I'll keep prayin' till then.

He said He will surprise the world sudden end.

Ah, but He won't surprise me

'cause I'll be lookin' at the sky

Waitin' for my transport

to a land where no one dies

(or even cries)



Doug Bergsma Ė electric guitars, acoustic guitar on "Humble Myself"


Ed Schief ‑ Piano, Rhodes, Yamaha CP 20, Mini Moog


Ralf Patterson ‑ Drums, Percussion


Calvin Bergsma ‑ Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Piano on "Your Ways", lead vocals", and background vocals


Paul Bergsma ‑ Bass, Acoustic Guitar, electric rhythm on "Springtime" lead vocals, and background vocals



Cover by Calvin Bergsma and Paul Bergsma

Recorded at Crosstown Recording Studio, Kalamazoo, Mi.

Produced by Bergsma Brothers Band

Engineer: Brandon Wade

String and Horn arrangements: Ricky Callier

Prophet V and horns: Ricky Callier

Sax solos: Kimble Owens

Additional background vocals: Linda Schief

Percussion ‑ Bruce Daggett

All songs į Perelandra Productions

For booking information(616) 457-0108